Marine Sports

Price List

Paradise Challenge

Guest Staying over 2 consective nights can receive "Challenge Coupon" *Some travel agency and internet accommodation plans are excluded;
please check in advance.


●All programs and equipment rentals are subject to availability.

●Cancellations due to weather, ocean conditions and other reasons,
or changes in departure time, capacity and age restrictions may occur.

●Elementary school children and under must be accompanied by an adult(paid)

●Please refrain from exposing all types of body tattoo, including stick-ons,
and kindly wear a jacket or rash guard when using the hotel facilities.

Reservation Method

For guests staying at Renaissance Okinawa Resort & Coco Garden
Resort Okinawa:

●Reservations for the duration of your stay are received after check-in
at each respective counter on first arrival basis.

●Reservation requests by telephone or email are not accepted.

To visitors not staying at the hotel:

●Reservations are received on a daily basis at each respective counter, subject to availability.

●Reservation requests by telephone or email are not accepted.

●There is a facility charge of ¥3,000/adult and ¥2,000/elementary school child (plus tax / preschoolers free).

●Please refrain from bringing food, drinks, audio equipment, coolers, beach umbrellas, mats and chairs from outside.


Please notify cancellation at by 18:00 of the previous day for programs.Cancellation and charge of reservation fee:¥1,000 per person.

Participants of the following programs are requested to fill out a Health Report of Investigation and a Liability Waiver to participate in an activity.
You may also fill out the forms printed out from this website and bring them with you at registration.
Activity Health Report of Investigation / Activity Liability Waiver          
<Marine Sports>
・Tour Diving ・Experience Diving(Non-certified) ・Sea-walk
・Parasailing ・Snorkeling Vacation ・Snorkeling Tour ・Island Cruising
・Flying Jet Board ・Water Coaster(Speed Board) ・Mermaid School
<Dolphin Program>
・Dolphin Ocean Adventure ・Dolphin Ocean Paradise ・Dolphin Odessy ・Family Dolphin
<Field Program>
・Fish & Turtle Adventure