Club Savvy

The Club Savvy Card invites you to the following exclusive services:

Club Savvy
  • Breakfast at any of the following restaurants during your stay
    - 2F Four Seasons / Teppan Breakfast 7:00-9:30
             (Specialiy complimentary for Club Savvy guests)

    - 1F Sailfish cafe
    / Breakfast Buffet 6:30-10:00
    / American Breakfast 10:00-11:00

    - 2F Irodori / Japanese Set Meal 7:00-9:30
  • Lunch at the following restaurant during your stay
    - 1F Sailfish cafe
    / World Lunch Buffet 12:00-14:30
    - Tip Top
    / Okinawa Soba 11:00-14:00 (3/16~5/31)
    - Irodori
    / Japanese Set Meal 12:00-14:00
    * Lunch is available until previous day of departure.
  • Selected Marine,Dolphin,and Field Programs at free or special prices during your stay
    - The list of programs for Club Savvy
    - Club Savvy guests are entitled to make advanced reservations
    at the Marine Information after check-in.
    Any reservation requests by phone are not acceptable.
    * Programs are subject to cancellations due to weather and sea conditions.
    * Each guest is able to make reservations for up to two menu at once.
    * For more than the second time for specific menus, charge will be applied.
  • Yamada Onsen during your stay : 6:00-10:00 / 13:00-Midnight
    (Departing day: until 11:00)
    * Closed every Thursday during 9:30-15:30 for regular intensive cleaning.
    * Preschool children are requested to bathe by 9:00pm.(Last Admission : 8:30pm)
  • Access to Club Savvy Lounge during your stay : 6:30-24:30
    (Departing day: until 11:00)
  • Cocktail at Club Savvy Lonnge
  • Treatment menu at Thalassotherapie Salon (poolside) available at 10% discount.

    *Club Savvy Card will be given at check-in.
    *Changes in Club Savvy services may occur after April 1st, 2017.

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  • Club Savvy
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